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It hurts when you see them floating in the water and find out that the reason was a bad filter. But not everyone has the big bucks to buy those high tech filters.

SunSun HW-704B Aquarium Filter – Review 2020

Because we have the B pro from Sunsun. Here, in the Sunsun b canister filter review, we have explained everything about this product: the goods and the bads alike. Simplicity makes this Sunsun b review great. The SunSun HW B is designed as an external filter that fits perfectly with almost every aquarium stand. Unlike other Chinese products, this filter made its name in durability. It stands 17 inches tall, and it is 11 inches wide.

Though a weight of 17 pounds might seem a lot, it will not be a big deal as the filter is installed outside the aquarium. You will have five stages in this filter, four of which offer you filtration media baskets, and the fifth one has a UV light spectrum that kills the last of those pathogens.

The answer happens to be, every media you can find in the market. The filter itself will come with cotton filters, ceramic rings, and bio balls. However, the amount of media that comes with the filter will not be enough to fill the baskets.

For people like me, the lack of this media could be a disappointment, but on the bright side, you get to customize your media choice as you like. We suggest foam or synthetic cotton for the first chamber, which will act as a mechanical filter. In the second and third filtration stage, use biological filtration media like bio-balls, ceramic rings, and crushed lava. You can use chemical filters in the fourth chamber.

Avoid using charcoal or activated carbon in case your tank is planted. I know, coal is the best filter of its kind, but it also absorbs nutrition from the water. Instead, you can use Seachem Purigen for planted aquariums, which makes your water crystal clear while filtering the bad stuff out.

And, this last chambers seals the deal of it being the best filter in its budget. It has a UV sterilizer that leaves no microorganisms in the water output. It is a 9 watt UV sterilizer that deals with all algae spores and bacteria manifestation. If you are an aquarist, then you have to love this. You will have to get very close to the filter to listen to its heartbeat.

This aquarium can work with gallons of water circulating liters or gallons per hour GPH. This, of course, implies that the filter is meant to work with bigger aquariums. You can clean the media once in a month for better performance. Always clean with tank water. Tap water is not what you want to use. The instruction manual is everything that you need.

You will have everything from installation to regular maintenance in the guide. Clean all the parts, especially that five-stage filter once in a month. That will not only guaranty top-notch performance but also increase the service life of the machine.

Be extra careful when replacing the filter media. Here are some common questions that most aquarists ask about the Sunsun HW b external canister filter.Sunsun have a few canister filter options and as a result, the HWB is the version we are reviewing here. Let's take a look at the reasons why this Sunsun HWB one filter we highly recommend to keep your aquarium in tip-top condition. One of the great features of the Sunsun HWB filter is the 5 stage filtration that it provides.

Therefore, because of this, it will do a great job of filtering your aquarium up to the highest standard that your fish will love you for. Fluval Canister Aquarium Filter.

Marineland Magniflow Canister aquarium filter. Penn Plax Cascade Canister aquarium filter. Fluval G6 Advanced Filtration System. Hydor Professional aquarium Canister Filter. The capacity of the filter is ideal for medium to larger tanks. It can filtrate gallons quite easily. This filter also has an impressive gph flow. It can be used with smaller tanks with the option of an adjustable spray bar to control the output flow.

This means that if you upgrade the size of your tank, you already have the filter for the job. The filter boasts the 5 stages of filtration. This includes the benefit of a UV sterilizer built in by way of a UV bulb that is housed in the filter. This ensures it will kill any unwanted bacteria and algae.

This model comes with a UV safety sensor to make sure it is working correctly and not causing any harm to the filter. This is an option that not all filters have so it is worth considering when you are looking for a 5 stage filter. The running of the pump is up there with some of the quieter filters.

The pump is designed to keep the vibration down to minimal levels.N ote:. Please allow minor deviation due to manual measurement.

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SunSun Fish Tank Filters & Media

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It needs to pay the extra shipping cost! Order can not be shipping to any P. O boxes. Order can only be shipped to physical addresses. USRacing powerhigh-us Home and Garden 1. Pet supplies 1. Detail Image. On Sep at PDT, seller added the following information:.SunSuns's external stage canister has 3 flexible media trays that allow you to add the filtration media of your choice. More importantlywe carefully inspect and test this filter, which provides the security for the customer that they will more likely get a working filter and not have the hassle of returns or parts being shipped on what in fact is an economy filter since factory testing is NOT performed.

This is probably of late the biggest value, as we spend considerable time inspecting and testing of this filter. Since these are shipped from China, often poorly packed, we often find broken parts such as handles, quartz sleeves, etc.

While not a costly item, we then add considerably more filter media that is not supplied by the manufacturer, which includes premium nitrifying and de-nitrifying lava rock this makes the filter appear dusty at first until the filter is run for some time. You also cannot trust "out of the box" reviews of these filters from Amazon or elsewhere, as they are often for an inferior or damaged economy filter compared to the one we sell by the time we are done with our testing, etc!!

Sorrywe have discontinued all SunSun Canister Filters as we were losing money just keeping the price in the ball park of the cheaper versions sold via discounters such as Amazon. As well the distributor for parts went out of business too for the same reason we also tested the newer models and these failed our quality tests and we will not sell these either.

We suggest our premium Filstar Canister Filters which has always been the preferred filter of our professional aquarium maintenance company for a couple decades.

That said this canister filter has the best flow design around the UV Lamp of any we have inspected for use in our sister aquarium maintenance company. Further Pictorial Instructions in Side Bar Directions provided by manufacturer are very basic, please refer to these website instructions.

Spare Parts Aquarium Filter

Example if your O ring is the same dimensions, the ones sold here will fit you filter. Jump to Shopping Cart. Jump to Shopping Cart Sold Individually. Why Purchase from American Aquarium Products. These Sponge pre-filters prevent fry, debris, and other material from being trapped in an aquarium filter intake and increase filter intake depth.

New Hydrosponge Pro filter for high bio load tanks. Also replacement sponges and parts for Hydro Sponge. An alternative for filters where this part is not available or is discontinued. As well for those who simply prefer an intake with more rugged construction.

sunsun hw 304b parts

TIP: a little Petroleum Jelly between the trays helps keep them from getting stuck together during normal operation. Water spilled on this switch can cause an electrical short. Make sure to dry thoroughly if water is spilled into the switch.

For more filter material suggestions information, please read this article: Aquarium Filter Media; Types, Replacement, and more.

Express, etc. All rights reserved. Home Newsletter. Spirulina-Algae Proper-Goldfish-Feeding. Aquarium-Pond-Pictures Raffle. Shipping and Return Policy Fedex-Ground.Designed for tanks up to gallons, it comes with four portable trays containing mechanical, biological and chemical filtration agents to ensure your tank water is filtered extremely efficiently and carefully. The Sunsun b canister design is perfect for freeing up space inside your tank and has a drip-shut-tap to make it simple and mess to clean.

Keep your aquarium in top condition for your Sunsun fish mates! The unique value of the external aquarium filter is the minimal amount of space lost inside the aquarium. The external filter for aquariums can be put simply under or next to the tank. The tube connections on top of the cover are rotatable at degrees for optimum positioning. The large volume of the container means very high filter capacity to clean. In Sunsun b Canister Filterthere is plenty of space for different filter media. With a water volume of up to litres, the Sunsun b Canister Filter can be easily attached to aquariums.

Thus large-scale aquarium service is a simple exercise. The pump output is litres per hour. The external aquarium filter, however, works quietly, allowing for a high flow rate. The rubber stands to ensure optimum elimination of vibrations. In this article, we are going to discuss the features, characteristics, filter media, ceramics rings, Bio balls, Filter floss, Activated carbon, UV sterilizers, Maintenance, Ventilation system, How to run sunsun b canister filter, Capability, Noise, Advantage and disadvantages of Sunsun b Canister Filter.

If Sunsun HW is not available in Amazon then you can pick HW instead of HW without any doubt because these two products feature is almost the same. There is only one difference between SunSun b and b that is pump power. The pump power of Sunsun b is 45 where HW is The Sunsun b Canister Filter capability is suitable for medium to larger tanks.

This can very quickly pump out gallons as well as it has an impressive flow rate of Gallon Per Hour. Which can be used with smaller tanks to monitor the output flow, with the option of an adjustable spray bar. For the five filter stages, the Sunsun b Canister Filter is supplied with filter media. The filter containers can be loaded with the filter media separately with their realistic handles.

Keep in mind that the filter media is graded from coarse to good in this regard. The overhead 1st filter point, the so-called pre-filter, easily retains coarse dirt and significantly extends the service life of the biologically active filter material located at the underlying filter level. The filter material supplied is considered normal equipment for external filters in your aquarium.

In general, Sunsun b Canister Filter starts from the ground up. Ceramic glass rings for both internally and externally aquatic filters.

sunsun hw 304b parts

Suspended particles are separated using the filter media with mechanical filtration. Due to their unique shape and large size, the ceramic rings create water movement in the Sunsun b Canister Filter basket.

This causes floating particles to collect during the descent and eliminate coarse dirt particles from the water cycle. This Sunsun b Canister Filter method provides optimal filter bacteria conditions which minimize the nitrite peaks better than other filter materials. Bio-balls are used as electronic and biologically filter media in aquariums.

These balls provide a wide area for collection of bacteria and are considered a healthy-performance filter media for strong filter systems. Bio balls, unlike other filter media, have a practically unlimited service life, making them a common and affordable filter medium for aquatic filters, trickle filters and chamber filters in Sunsun b Canister Filter.

For modern aquatic filter media such as fleece, floss, or sponges are important. Coarse dirt molecules are removed by filter floss, sponges eliminate nitrate, purify the water from chemical toxins, and provide best conditions for filter bacteria settlement.


In aquatic, activated carbon can be used to remove bacterial and humic materials, toxins, pollutants, and other products, and to provide safe water for aquariums.This filter is billed as a contender in the high-power canister filter competition and has the attributes necessary for that classification.

It will handle gallon tanks at GPH. Recently, people had been telling me about SunSun, so I figured a SunSun canister filter review was in order to see what the buzz was about. UV light is perfect for destroying harmful microorganisms that can plague your tank water. You might not be too into this filter if you want something a bit smaller or more lightweight. The HWB is on the larger size, 12 x 12 x 18 inches, and weighs in at 17lbs.

Canister filters are the big boys of filtration systems. The max tank volume and GPH are going to be two important numbers for you.

Because you have such a large amount of water in your tank, a filter that has multiple methods of treating the water is necessary. For you to consider any canister filter, it should at least provide you with the big 3: mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration. This filter is somewhat plain in terms of looks. The durability is on par with other models out there.

The locking mechanisms are robust and it locks on multiple sides to ensure security. There are 4 of them means you can load them up with the filtration agent of your choice for the precise clean you need for your tank. The instructions included with this filter are, quite simply, terrible. Luckily, in the digital age, YouTube is your friend. There are some good setup tutorials online, but it still might take you a while to get the hang of it.

Like some other filtersthose hoses can be a bear to work with at first. Once you get them more pliable though the hot water method works pretty wellthey do their job as intended.

The self-priming feature works pretty well and takes a lot of the hassle out of the operation of this unit. You might not ever need to do any manual priming. If it becomes necessary, though, just a few pumps on the priming button and you should be good to go. That was not my experience. This is exacerbated if you experience leaks or issues with the flow from the hoses, but there is a simple fix if you find yourself in such a situation.

As far as the pumping power, it works well, as advertised. Pack in the amount of media you want for the desired GPH. Once everything is set up as it should be this filter will continue to run. You can operate it continuously with few to no issues.

Speaking of the media, they do a great job at keeping the water clean. The carbon pads catch hold of tiny particles to remove them from the water, while ceramic rings and bio balls handle the chemical and biological filtration, respectively. The addition of a UV filtration light is a definite bonus. UV light is well known for its ability to purify water, removing algae spores and harmful bacteria.

The 9 watt UV lamp on the HW has excellent output and operates well in 2-hour shifts. The spray bar is included, and the tubes it uses are multi-length, so you can combine them to customize the direction and positioning the way you see fit. SunSun is really giving you a lot of filter for your dollar. A high-power canister filter can easily cost several hundred dollars, but the HW comes in at a decent price.

Sure the setup is a bit tricky, but once you have it running it works at a level comparable to many pricier filters, and comes with the bonus of a UV filter as well.Quick Links Download this manual.

Table of Contents. Failure to follow the information in this manual exactly may result in. Read all instructions. This manual must be used by a qualified. This manual must be left with the owner and. Elements will burn out immediately without water in the booster heater. Suitable for installation with all "name-brand" dishwashers.

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This device must be installed directly on the booster heater.

SunSun 304b Review? vs 404b?

The aquastat switch incorporates a magnetic contactor to complete the power circuit to the heating elements and control the water temperature. By use of an adjustable dial the operating aquastat can control the water to the desired temperature. Sufficient time must be allowed to reheat the water in storage before starting the dishwasher.

sunsun hw 304b parts

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