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Distribution is our DNA. Our core business is Distribution. We want to build strong brands using our distribution platform. We want to grow specific FMCG-categories in retails.

Medicine categories in Pharmacy Areas. We are driven by on time logistic services. We focus on nationwide distribution. We love to add value in specific categories with our partners.

We aiming for building strong brands in our home market. Enrich the health and quality life of the Myanmar people. Your Name required. Your Email required.

distributor in myanmar

Your Message. IBA Distribution Co. Aenean ligula nibh, molestie id viverra a, dapibus at dolor. Geo Speed Co. Ltd Distributor 09 Vitae adipiscing turpis. Ltd Family-owned company, Started in International experience. Our Services. Our Ambition and Vision. We are driven by on time logistic services We focus on nationwide distribution We love to add value in specific categories with our partners We aiming for building strong brands in our home market Enrich the health and quality life of the Myanmar people.

Get some informations Our Distribution System. Our Products. All Coffee Cookies Energy Drinks. Everyday Coffee Read more. Everyday Coffee. Danish Cookies Read more.

Connecting you with Consumers throughout Myanmar

Danish Cookies. Cobra Energy Drink Read more. Cobra Energy Drink. Oat Cookies Chocolate Chips Read more. Oat Cookies Chocolate Chips. Everyday White Coffee Flat White.

Oishi Orange Juice Read more. Oishi Orange Juice. Kahlenberg Cookies Read more. Kahlenberg Cookies. Oat Cookies Black Currant Read more. Oat Cookies Black Currant. Everyday White Coffee Read more.Although originally established as a supplier of Medical Diagnostic products eg. Hepatitis and HIV test kits, we were requested to undertake water treatment engineering. Richard Jones, medical advisor for Texaco and Premier oil Premier were offshore constructing the Yetagun gas pipeline from the Yetagun field to the coastline near Daminsek village and onto the Thai Border at Yadana.

This seven hundred million dollar investment involved an offshore platform, onshore logistics centers and office and a major pipeline both undersea and onshore. Personnel from the UK were brought in to manage the project. Jones was concerned that of the twenty rental houses required for these personnel none had access to potable water. Follow up microbiological tests confirmed the need.

It was decided to install water treatment systems capable of removing potential pathogens. Initially a pilot scale installation was done at 18 E Inya Road. Installation was completed in January Thereafter numerous other houses and the Premier office had filtration system installed and later maintained by Amd. The Yetagun project was eventually completed in and the gas flows to Thailand.

This remote northern town was once known as Fort Hertz. Even in it was an isolated and remote town with trucks from Myitkyina to Putao transiting for up to three weeks! The hotel was to be built in Mulashidi approximately 7 km outside Putao. After an initial survey in we decided to pump water from the Nam Lang River, more than 50m below the hotel site.

A plateau was carved out of the mountain side enabling the steel tanks and plant room to be built. The water treatment comprised modern filtration and chlorination and utilized Australian Davey pumps known for their small footprint, longevity and economic electrical consumption.

In fact, we went on to install Davey pumps in the hundreds throughout Myanmar. Inwe were asked to expand upon our original design and our team once again deployed to Putao.Building Materials Distributor in Myanmar : A complete listing of product portfolio for your convenience in searching for and finding information about Kinetic Home offerings. Get a FREE, no-obligation quote! Thank you. It has a competitive edge in the sale of other interior building materials, building construction supplies and home fittings.

Our Meeting Rooms are Fully equipped meeting, board, and training rooms for any business occasion with the latest Presentation Smart Panel that combine a Computer,projector, speaker, whiteboard into 1.

We provide instant booking for work spaces by the hour, day, or week. Welcome to the Singapore Restaurant. We strive to bring you a pleasant dining experience of South East Asian and Singapore cuisine.

Embark on a diverse culinary journey with our Singapore restaurant with 20 years History Serving Singapore Food in Yangon. Savour culinary indulgences at the one-stop dining destination in Myanmar! Our Joint ventures with local businesses, governments and customers are the foundation for our growth strategy.

Whether searching for new building materials or looking to grow your business in Yangon, Myanmar, Myanmar Kinetic Home's advisors are on hand to work with you on reaching your corporate real building construction needs and objectives. Our dedicated teams of experienced advisor and negotiators seek to minimise costs.

Securing the right conditions to match your ideal construction strategy has a continuous and profound effect on your organization. All these negotiations are completely transparent, as our Myanmar office team works closely together with your management during this process. Acting only in your interest, is where our successful working relationship evolves into a long-term partnership between your organization and Office in Yangon. Book An Appointment.

Flooring, Kitchen Cabinets. Sanitary Wares. Explore More Hotel Furniture. Property Development Projects. Myanmar Building Materials. Electrical Appliances. Search Now. Get A Quote.We provide Advance Medical Devices which are imported from established manufacturers with worldwide recognition accreditation and certification.

With strategic planning, marketing activities and sales, we strive to be the top distributor and the key leader for distribution of the latest and quality medical devices and systems. As we provide all in one solution to our customers to give full services, we support for the maintenance in all ranges of products like academic services, conferences and after-sale services.

As we understand the requirements for all the products should be in excellent condition to provide the best of treatment to patients, thereby, can make improvement in good quality of outcomes for everyone.

We value and look forward to see the best and latest advanced medical products in Myanmar. Today all the advanced technology are going so fast and updated in everywhere, the role of health care system are improving. Staying advance with new technology is also a good thing.

distributor in myanmar

So, providing the advanced healthcare system, we are offering and supporting foreign conferences to medical practitioners for further advanced level to be compatible with national and global health care system. As advanced technological medical products are available in globally, we are also participating and practicing this advanced and innovative approach of technology by contributing the product training to medical practitioners, specialists and professors to update the medical system and outcome of the results of patients.

The technologies are improving rapidly not only in our social media like telecommunication but also in healthcare system. The First Myanmar Radiofrequency ablation workshop is introduced in Summit Parkview Hotel at 16 Oct as the latest and advanced medical technologies are increasing nowadays with high speed.

China, has been installed in our hospital and is being used to treat patients with solid tumors. Inthey treated patients with Haifu, the number increased to in The Haifu Model JC system has been shown to be an effective and safe modality for non- invasive tumor treatment, confirming published data from medical centers around the world. Towards Quality Life! Contact Now.

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distributor in myanmar

First Myanmar Radiofrequency Ablation Workshop Combining international standards and local cultural knowledgeMDG is clearly the partner of choice. Bear Brand Gold White Malt ml. Milo ml. Nescafe — Espresso Roast ml. Nescafe — Latte ml. Nescafe — Black Ice ml.

Nescafe — Extra Rich ml. Air Soda ml. Sunkist — Grape Can ml. Sunkist — Orange Can ml. Sunkist — Sparkling Can ml. Sunkist — Lemonade Can ml. Sunkist — Grape ml. Sunkist — Lychee ml. Sunkist — Orange ml. Sunkist — Sparkling ml. Sunkist — Lemonade ml.

Superstar Triple Chocolate 18 g. Beng Beng White 22 g. Beng Beng Chocolate 25 g. Sando — Cheese 32 g. Sando — Chocolate 32 g. Sando — Coconut 32 g. Sando — Vanilla 32 g. Coffee Joy 45 g. Roma Malkist Chocolate g. Roma Cream Crackers g. Danisa — Traditional Butter Cookies g. Nescafe — Red Cup 2 g. Nestle Coffeemate — S 3 g. Authentic Myanmar Tea 20 g. Bear Brand Enriched Malted Milk 20 g. Milo 3-in-1 28 g. Nescafe Shal Kaw 28 g. Nescafe — Red Cup g.Our company has a remarkable reputation for effectively transmitting and progressing brands from concept through to dominating the market.

We provide recognized global brands as well as new brands with all the local knowledge, advice, contacts, logistics, leading market visions, research and development. We are at your service right through the entire existence of your products. We look forward to hearing from you and working for you to effectively increase your business.

Our family has continued this tradition till today. Providing an expert and reliable end to end import, warehousing, sales, marketing and distribution service, with customer service and satisfaction our primary goal. We have direct access to all relevant wholesale and retail channels throughout Myanmar.

We guarantee our brands and future brands are given leading consumer exposure. We have donated much to the local community and will continue to do so.

If your company requires the best distribution with attention to detail then we are the company for you! Please call or email us, we look forward to your collaboration. And are still distributing today 5 generations. Nang Seng Moon Yangon supermarket owner. We have never sold so much. Su Su Win C. I found dealing with them unparalleled to any other distributor I have ever dealt with.

Zin Zin Mandalay convenience store manager and owner. Due to this we not only relate to our local Myanmar market and retailers but we also relate to and think like our Western manufacturers, unlike our competitors.To provide quality products through excellent services in order to improve the quality of life for Myanmar people. We will act and react as a first line marketing frontier to ensure the best sales and distribution services to our business partner satisfaction with our professional ,reliable and realistic market approach as well as efficient and effective sales team in marketing and distributing throughout Myanmar.

We are also aiming to produce long term sustainable business development without scarify short term profit for share holder and yet to prove its as a good working place for our employees.

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We not make, offer,promise to make or authorise an improper payment Cash or anything of value to any person whether in the public or private sector. Our approach is built on respectbeing consistent and having the courage to do the right thing. We treat everyone with respect and dignity no harassment. We are one Team. We are MK.

A marketing Company Limited. MK Company Limited was established in and MK is the one of the successful companies in Myanmar with core businesses of retailing, manufacturing, distribution and services. Myanmar S. We run business with the decentralized management to empower all levels to achieve their own objectives by their own commitment as assigned by company.

To bring out the inner potential of Sales force to enhance Sales and Distribution coverage in all channel of distribution to ensuring the highest product availability at anywhere anytime consumer need. Company profile. Mission Statement We will act and react as a first line marketing frontier to ensure the best sales and distribution services to our business partner satisfaction with our professional ,reliable and realistic market approach as well as efficient and effective sales team in marketing and distributing throughout Myanmar.

MK Distribution has been registered and start the operation on 01 November In - to enhance our coverage to more extensive channel which produce higher consumption and demand i. Food supply chain, Factory, School ,Restaurant and Hotel etc.

Sales strategic direction Sales strategy To bring out the inner potential of Sales force to enhance Sales and Distribution coverage in all channel of distribution to ensuring the highest product availability at anywhere anytime consumer need.

Using effective Supply Chain Management MK Distribution has management with it owns fleet of trucks 64 points at partner areas. Another Creation of Media Lane.