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More Live Streams. More Upcoming. Liquipedia Tournament Info. More Events. Games to Watch. Patch Thread Archive. Arteezy explains bloodstone tinker, and his optimal tinker build Discussion nadota. Good link, OP. It's poorly worded. Arteezy typically prioritizes laser OR rockets over March. I've seen him do lvl 4 then lvl 8.

Last night I watched his stream. He played few hours only tinker and he mostly went 8 lvl or 8 lvl but there wasn't a single game with maxed laser rocket. Every game I watch rtz with tinker he goes till level 3 and then he gets 3 points in march 1 in rearm.

So it's about skill point efficiency aswell as priority. Also the Laser is pure damage so the insane burst is a surprising thing for most people not familiar with the power of Tinker :. I understand bloodstone is legit, I just disagree with getting it instead of or before hex.

I have to agree with what he's saying. He's agreeing with RTZ, just in a roundabout way. He's disagreeing with an imaginary person who says you should get Bloodstone instead of or before Hex and saying he agrees with RTZ's build of going Hex first, Bloodstone later.

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You have a lot of options for your first item after hex; dagon, shivas, manta, linkens, bkb, force, or eblade could all be legit depending on the situation. Doesn't surprise me that bloodstone can be legit. Seems to me like bloodstone would be the final item to replace your soul ring. And if you forget and get your muscle memory slightly wrong then it could all go very very wrong!Abed Azel L.

Yusop is a Filipino professional Dota 2 player who currently plays for Evil Geniuses. Abed was born and raised in Dasmarinas in the province of Cavite, Philippines.

His parents own a small internet cafe close to their home. Abed has one older brother, Ahmed Rheeza. Execration contacted Abed in January and with the support from his father he joined the organisation. He left the organization on December 30th.

Abed at DreamLeague Season 13 Toggle navigation. Liquipedia will soon drop support for Internet Explorer. This article may require copy editing for grammar, style, cohesion, tone or spelling. You can assist by editing it now. Overview Results. Solo Middle Carry. Team Onyx.

Banned Dota 2 Players with the highest MMR

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ddz dotabuff

We take a look at the best SEA Dota 2 players who are banned indefinitely. Match-fixing — a word that is now taboo in the competitive scene of Dota 2. With their past mistakes a side, let us take a look at the 5 banned players with the highest MMR in South East Asia, before and after their ban announcements.

Country: Malaysia. MMR: Team before ban: Arrow Gaming. Current team: Power Gaming. A successful run in the The International 4 SEA qualifiers netted him and his team, Arrow Gaminga spot in the prestigious tournament but they failed to meet expectations once there.

However, mistakes were made by him and his team when it came to management, resulting them to be indefinitely banned by Valve for match-fixing. Since then, he had been the butt of all jokes, and his future looked bleak. Two years had passed since the incident, and ddznow playing for Power Gamingstill seeks to address his past mistakes by competing with integrity and persistence.

Note: He was barely 18 when he committed the offence. Country: Philippines. Team before ban: Mineski-X. Despite his history, the community and his peers alike have spoken out for the young star seeing that he was underage when he was caught. He should be given a chance to play in Valve events again. His skills are not shoddy either, with him being ranked fairly high in the SEA leaderboards with a rating of He peaked somewhere abovebut has fallen ever since. He is now playing along with ddz in Power Gaming.

During his prime, he was known as one of the most high-skilled micro players in SEA, with an extremely large hero pool to boot. After nearly a 6-month hiatus, sources have revealed that he has now joined Power Gaming as their team captain and drafter. Team before ban: Phoenix. Perhaps one of the lesser-known players in the region, JyCnevertheless was part of a star-studded lineup such as Ledion.

It was during his stint in MSIevoGT that he was caught in the match-fixing scandal, but was only announced a ban in as well. Despite his past, JyC has recently moved to Malaysia to join Power Gamingbringing the number of banned players in the team to 4.

Along with MtRddz and JackoJyC seeks to redeem the mistakes of his past by playing his best and competing with integrity. Current team: Phoenix. Part of the lineup of Pacific. Like his former teammate JyCChin was caught in the match-fixing ring that befell most of the SEA banned players to date. His attempts to make a comeback in the scene started with Phoenixbut not much has been heard of him since the team disbanded.

With several factors leading to the match-fixing scenario, do you believe in second chances for the players? Follow RedBull.OG was created as the new team of former monkey Business players. The team's breakthrough came at the Frankfurt Major in late November, The grand finals of the event were the subject of a episode of "True Sight", making OG the only team to be featured in the series more than once.

Team OG was originally formed under the name monkey Business and was comprised of both experienced veterans in n0tail and Fly as well as new and upcoming talents in Miracle-Cr1t- and MoonMeander.

The team achieved their breakthrough during the Frankfurt Majordefeating European powerhouse Team Secret in the grand finals. The team continued to have a strong presence in the European Dota scene, but after a fourth-place finish at The Summit 4OG's dominance began to wane and ended with a th place finish in the Shanghai Major.

OG performed well in the group stage of The International and finished first in their group. Despite this, the team was unable to maintain their momentum and fell to the loser's bracket against MVP Phoenix. Following this unexpected loss, the team was eliminated by TNC Gaming and finished th, in what has been referred to as one of the biggest upsets in professional Dota 2.

In the same 'Reflections' interview, 7ckingmad claimed that it was a personality conflict within the team that led to the removal of Moonmeander, and that once the team wasn't remaining as 5, it prompted Miracle to consider other offers.

Toggle navigation. Counter-Strike Smash. Liquipedia will soon drop support for Internet Explorer. Overview Results Matches. Mourtada Al-karbalaie.

Upcoming Matches. Upcoming Tournaments. This section is an excerpt from History of OG. July 25th - Ceb returns to the active roster while SumaiL is removed. January 3rd - Pajkatt leaves the team. March 17th - Resolut1on leaves the team. May 28th - s4 and Fly leave for Evil Geniuses.

August 17th - OG parts ways with ana who announces a one-year hiatus from competitive Dota. March 25th - Xcalibur joins as a Sub. October 31st - The players of monkey Business form OG. Retrieved 14 August Retrieved All good things come to an end, and Jesse has decided to retire from pro Dota 2. Thank you Jesse! Offlane got a lot more dangerous.Ozkan is a mountain guide in Turkey so he is very aware of the preparation needed to enable a smooth trip of the sort we experienced. We both felt the service we received was outstanding.

We did not use the GPS that came with the hire car because with the quality of the maps and information provided there was no need. All the places we stayed were very welcoming, very clean and the breakfasts, especially the bread, were often outstanding.

We were also very lucky with the weather but doubtless that is beyond your control. We would just like to say thank you for your superb organisation, excellent provision of information and selection of places to stay that helped us to have an outstanding holiday. We were very impressed with all the areas of Norway that we saw. Everything was clean, convenient and friendly.

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Everything was so well organized and easy to follow, the arrangements exceeded our expectations. Thank you for a great holiday. I have just completed a two week drive around Iceland. The bookings were all handled by Nordic Visitor Centre. I stayed at farmhouse hotels for most of the trip. I couldn't speak more highly of the whole experience.This was our second trip with Nordic Visitor, the first being Iceland two years ago.

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Helga, our agent was great. We have used Nordic Visitor for trips to Iceland and Norway.

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The service provided by Nordic Visitor was excellent and we had one of the best and most enjoyable holidays we have ever had. It was a pity that the offices have moved out of the centre of Reykjavik as we would have liked to have visited to thank Klara in person.If you have a popular website, stream or group.

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ddz Tinker 92 Kills in Pub Match 1114 GPM Dota 2

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